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I am not sure if you will associate yourself with this group or not, and I am not sure what the age requirements are for this group, but we have a wonderful group of seniors as a part of this body! We have advanced wisdom and knowledge. We have so many learned lessons from faith, and from sin. We have marriage experience, and the appreciation of children among this group. We have people of prayer and study, as well as those who have prepared, and carried, 1000 meals to people who needed them. We are blessed to have an amazing group of seniors, and we thank God for you and your lives that continue to help us, the younger, encouraging our walk of faith. We are following your blazing trails!

Let me challenge you in two ways this morning:

  1. Get together more frequently as a group. I know that you may not be as active as you once were, and some of that is expected with age (this is not a reprimand), but I am challenging somebody within the group to take the lead and plan a service effort in our community. There are things that can be done, and it would be a bonding experience for this group to work together on some kind of service effort. Start something, participate in something already established...but do it as a group. Fellowship is crucial.
  2. Host the teens in your home for something. Interaction with the young is a way to influence the next generation, directly. Play a part in the development of their faith. Share in their experiences. Offer words of encouragement to them from things you have learned. These children need you, and you have opportunity to help them. Be a part of their lives.
God will bless your works for the kingdom.

- Alex

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This week, we lost a senior member of this congregation. Trudie Raney was a delightful, hard-working woman of this church. She, along with her husband, have provided great things for all of us here. She is to be remembered and honored. It was a privilege to have known her.

When people pass from this life they leave their influence and teaching. What will you be leaving behind? What teaching have you offered to others that will continue to impact them in years to come? What lessons have you passed on to young people, that will assist them in their journey of faith?

Everyday we have opportunity to leave a deep impression. Think back to people who did this very thing in your life. What were some of things that they said, and how did they say it so that it made a mark in your heart, and how did those people treat you? Now that you have those ideas in your head, what can you put into practice this week that you learned from them? What new habits can you make?

We are determining what is going to be said at our funeral, each day, by the way we are living.

Others will be encouraged by our thoughtfulness, or distracted by our thoughtlessness.

What will your influence teach today? What will you make sure and share with another...today could be your last day to have a chance to do what you wish!

- Alex

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