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All in accordance to God's plan....

"Then one of the twelve--the one called Judas Iscariot--went to the chief priests and asked, "What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?" So they counted out thirty silver coins. From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over." Matthew 26:14-16

Jesus was handed over to be crucified. Today we begin to take a look at that very moment. There is much to consider and we will not have time to give attention to every minor detail, so I am encouraging you to take that time while you are at home. Over the next few weeks, I would urge you to read, and reread, the crucifixion accounts. Try and place yourself there, as the scenes unfold. As people who hold up this moment for our salvation, we should know the text very well. This will aid your mind, when we take the supper as a family, and it will ready your mouth to speak of the crucifixion to those who do not know Jesus.

If you have a family, and you have young children, then take this opportunity to help your little ones to know that Jesus loves them. Read the cross to them, on their level, and make sure they understand why Jesus had to die for them. They need to hear the lessons repeated to them. You are preparing them to serve this Master who died for them, so keep what He did for them constantly in front of them.

- Alex

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     Following the plan of organization found in the New Testament, the Rogersville church of Christ is an autonomous Christian congregation associated with other churches of Christ through our common beliefs and practices. There is no central headquarters of the church of Christ and no organization superior to the Elders of each local congregation. We cooperate voluntarily in supporting the orphans and the aged, in preaching the New Testament gospel in new fields, and in other similar works. We emphasize sincere worship, every-member evangelism, godly living, love for each other, and helping those in need.

     Our doctrine and practice is based on the Bible alone. We strive to reflect the New Testament church established by Jesus Christ. Our aim is to continue to restore its doctrine, its practice, its lifestyle, and its zeal. As such, we are all on a spiritual journey seeking to live as God would have us live. Above all, we believe in One God, One Son, and One Spirit who were present on the day(s) of creation. Our purpose is to Seek and Save what was lost.

   Schedule of Services

  Bible Study  9:00 am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
  Evening Worship  5:00 pm
Tuesday Adult Bible Study Begins again in August
Wednesday Bible Study  7:00 pm

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