We meet for Worship at:
450 College Street
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We can be reached via
mail or phone at:
P.O. Box 630
Rogersville, AL 35652
(256) 247-3422

   Schedule of Services

  Bible Study  9:00 am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
  Evening Worship  5:00 pm
Tuesday Adult Bible Study 10:00 am
Wednesday Bible Study  7:00 pm

May 2016

   Serving Roster
May 2016

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Upcoming Events
May 22nd Graduate Recognition
immediately following PM Service
May 27th High School Commencement Services
LCHS & Lexington
May 29th Youth Minister DEVOs
Birth through 4th Grade after AM Services
5th thorugh 12th Grade after PM Service
June 3rd Campout 6th grade and younger
see Braden Preston for information and planning
June 4th - 9th West Tennessee Work Camp
see Derek Pigg for information and planning
June 19th - 22nd VBS & Gospel Meeting
see Lauren Compton if you would like to help with VBS
June 24th - July 2nd YES Mission Trip to Nicaragua
see Alex Bayes or Alan Compton for information and planning
July 10th - 15th Registration is open for ICYC!
Visit indiancreekyouthcamp.org.
See Alex Bayes or Brock Owens for information and planning
July 22nd - 25th Mission Trip to Childhaven in Cullman, AL
see Derek Pigg or Shane Lee for information and planning
Recurring Summer Events
Every Sunday Night Songs of Summer @ UNA Christian Student Center
Depart after PM service
Every Tuesday Night SAYS
@ 7 PM


One day a prairie chicken found an egg and sat on it until it hatched. Unknown to the prairie chicken, the egg was an abandoned eagle egg. That's how an eagle came to be born into a family of prairie chickens. Eagles are the greatest of all birds, soaring above the heights with grace and ease. Prairie chickens are so lowly that they don't even know how to fly and just spend their days eating garbage. Predictably, the little eagle thought that he was a prairie chicken. He walked around, ate garbage, and clucked like a prairie chicken. One day he looked up in the sky and saw a majestic bald eagle soar through the air. When he asked his family what it was, they responded, "It's an eagle. But you could never be like that because you are just a prairie chicken." They returned to pecking around in the garbage. The eagle spent his whole life looking up at eagles, longing to join them among the clouds. It never once crossed his mind to spread his wings- and try to fly. The eagle dies thinking it was just a prairie chicken. We were all born to fly, but some of us think and act like prairie chickens because that's what the world keeps telling you that's what you are. Do you ever feel like there is more to life than what you are now experiencing? Look up. Lift your wings and fly! Stop living like an eagle who thinks he's a prairie chicken. God wants you to be all that you were created to be. You are no longer ignorant. YOU KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE – SO SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY! Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."