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The Bulletin's Front Page Message

It is the time of year when, perhaps, we think the most about giving of our financial means in order to meet the needs of others. This cultural awareness of the spirit of giving stretches, in an exaggerated form, across our country. People who would not ordinarily be willing to give, for some reason or another, find themselves drawn into the spirit of giving. I am not sure that I can identify the explanation for such people experiencing this transformation, but the question does impress an important point for us to consider as Christians.

If the wicked world, in which we live, typically known for selfishness, can be created into a culture, where those same people are moved into a spirit of generosity and sharing, then the spiritual people living before God should be using this time of "moldibility," in order to reach people with the message of Christ.

In the same way that tragedy often will make a person willing to be submissive to God, celebration will also do the same thing! Celebration has to do with a being in a favorable disposition, and celebration will sometimes allow for the personal defense tactics to be lowered. One can be, during this season of giving, be moved to be open to the word of God, perhaps more so than any other time.

So let's use out family gatherings for the cause of Christ, and let's take a moment to engage a neighbor about spiritual matters. Who knows but what this time of celebration will avail one to a willingness to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, for whom the season was created by our present culture. God will bless our efforts as we work to serve him!

- Alex

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This week, we lost a senior member of this congregation. Trudie Raney was a delightful, hard-working woman of this church. She, along with her husband, have provided great things for all of us here. She is to be remembered and honored. It was a privilege to have known her.

When people pass from this life they leave their influence and teaching. What will you be leaving behind? What teaching have you offered to others that will continue to impact them in years to come? What lessons have you passed on to young people, that will assist them in their journey of faith?

Everyday we have opportunity to leave a deep impression. Think back to people who did this very thing in your life. What were some of things that they said, and how did they say it so that it made a mark in your heart, and how did those people treat you? Now that you have those ideas in your head, what can you put into practice this week that you learned from them? What new habits can you make?

We are determining what is going to be said at our funeral, each day, by the way we are living.

Others will be encouraged by our thoughtfulness, or distracted by our thoughtlessness.

What will your influence teach today? What will you make sure and share with another...today could be your last day to have a chance to do what you wish!

- Alex

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