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We meet for Worship at:
450 College Street
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We can be reached via
mail or phone at:
P.O. Box 630
Rogersville, AL 35652
(256) 247-3422

The Bulletin's Front Page Message

With all the announcement last week about Fall Fest, I ended up with a conflict, and we are having to move the Fall Fest to Oct 25. We hope that you will still be making your plans to be with us and we are looking forward to having our church family at our home. Please, please make your plans to come and be a part of this night.

There is a ladies class that meets, as well as the young adult class, in the rooms in the west wing of the building. There is also a class that I am doing downstairs, across from the teen room, and we would love to have you as a part of that study. We are seeking to find our balance in God through a study of the practices of Jesus and others. Come and join us downstairs. We also have a great class in the auditorium that is always taught with enthusiasm and where preparation is never taken lightly. Thanks again to all our teachers.

If you are not a teacher, and you would like to be, or you might could see yourself one day teaching, then talk to Terrell Phillips and see where God could use your wisdom and talents. If you are already teaching, then we thank you for your efforts and labors in the Lord. We love the influence our teachers have on our children.

If you are not able to teach, and never going to teach, then please pray for those who are teaching. We need everyone to be working toward this end goal of reaching our children and leading them to Christ!

- Alex

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     Following the plan of organization found in the New Testament, the Rogersville church of Christ is an autonomous Christian congregation associated with other churches of Christ through our common beliefs and practices. There is no central headquarters of the church of Christ and no organization superior to the Elders of each local congregation. We cooperate voluntarily in supporting the orphans and the aged, in preaching the New Testament gospel in new fields, and in other similar works. We emphasize sincere worship, every-member evangelism, godly living, love for each other, and helping those in need.

     Our doctrine and practice is based on the Bible alone. We strive to reflect the New Testament church established by Jesus Christ. Our aim is to continue to restore its doctrine, its practice, its lifestyle, and its zeal. As such, we are all on a spiritual journey seeking to live as God would have us live. Above all, we believe in One God, One Son, and One Spirit who were present on the day(s) of creation. Our purpose is to Seek and Save what was lost.

   Schedule of Services

  Bible Study  9:00 am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
  Evening Worship  5:00 pm
Tuesday Adult Bible Study 10:00 am
Wednesday Bible Study  7:00 pm

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  September 21, 2014

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September 21, 2014

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