We meet for Worship at:
450 College Street
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  Bible Study  9:00 am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
  Evening Worship  5:00 pm
Tuesday Adult Bible Study 10:00 am
Wednesday Bible Study  7:00 pm

August 2015

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August 2015

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BIG Ideas

Verses James 1:2-3 are a complete thought so let’s take both into account. In today’s social climate there is a seeming disdain for “religion” while “relationships” are held in high esteem as if the two are to be considered immiscible like oil and water. However, in the eyes of God, religion and relationships are inextricably bound to one another and should be so to the point that one is unable to see where religion ends and relationships begin which is why what comes out of our mouths is included in this discussion of pure religion. If one is wreckless with their words then they apparently do not hold relationships in high enough esteem in order to speak gracefully while speaking the truth. In the same breath James includes being physically present in the lives of widows and orphans as well as keeping the filth of the world as far away from us as possible. I find it interesting that from a worldly perspective no one would dare push back against caring for widows and orphans but the second someone is encouraged to think before they speak or to run from worldly lusts then religion is blamed for not caring about “who they are” or “what they are about”. In these two verses God, through James, squashes any attempt on our part to untie religion and relationships from each other. Pure religion is all about relationships so watch your mouth, do unto others, and guard your heart from the filth of this world.

- Kevin

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