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How to Understand the Bible

Some guide lines and principles to use in interpreting the Bible.

Chronology of the New Testament

A brief chronology of NT events and dates of the NT books. Good for personal study or as a classroom hand-out.

Scholarship of the King James version

A study of the translating done for the KJV with a special look at some of its features and why it isn't a popular version today.

The Greek Text of the New Testament

A quick review of the various families of Greek texts used for making modern translations today.

What About Miracles Today?

The late Pat Gibbons makes a report on alleged present day miracles.


A series of five lessons, with handouts, in PDF format by Daniel Ridinger.


43 Bible Class Lesson Sheets covering 10 Old Testament & 3 New Testament Books developed for congregational Bible Study.


Lessons designed for a Bible Class or personal study of the New Testament.


Walking thru the Bible


A series of Bible Class lessons and sermon outlines to go through the entire Bible in a one-year program.


Fourteen lessons surveying the Old and New Testaments




Studies in "the Sermon on the Mount"


"The Beginning of the Gospel of the Son of God"


God's Way of Salvation

The plan of salvation using scripture only.


A biblical study of angels. Use this PDF to create a 5x8 booklet for yourself or your students.


Capital Punishment

A biblical study of capital punishment. You can use this PDF to create a 5x8 booklet for yourself or your students.


A biblical study of demons (demonology), their origin, character, etc. In this study we look at "What was demon possession in biblical times" and "Are there people today possessed by demons?"


A series of Bible Class lessons and sermon outlines to go through the entire Bible in a one-year program.

Explanation of the Program: A few years ago at the Rogersville Church of Christ I planned a year's program to preach through the Bible. The plan involved teaching the auditorium Bible class with an overview of the Bible book and then preaching from the book in the worship service. A hand-out was prepared to go along with the Bible class and on the back page was the sermon outline.

I don't claim originality, much of the material was gathered from various sources. The program's material is available for download using a PDF reader or word processing software. Each lesson was formatted to print on a 5.5 x 8.5 using the "booklet" feature. Generally the first three pages contain the Bible class material with page four being the sermon outline from that book.

Old Testament   New Testament
Books Formats   Books Formats
 Genesis pdf    Matthew pdf
 Exodus pdf    Mark pdf
 Leviticus, Numbers
pdf    Luke pdf
 Joshua pdf    John pdf
 Judges & Ruth pdf    Acts pdf
 1 & 2 Samuel pdf    Romans pdf
 1 & 2 Kings pdf    1 Corinthians pdf
 1 & 2 Chronicles pdf    2 Corinthians pdf
 Ezra pdf    Galatians pdf
 Nehemiah pdf    Ephesians pdf
 Esther pdf    Philippians pdf
 Job pdf    Colossians pdf
 Psalms pdf    1 Thessalonians pdf
 Proverbs pdf    2 Thessalonians pdf
 Ecclesiastes &
 Song of Solomon
pdf    1 Timothy pdf
 Isaiah pdf    2 Timothy pdf
 Jeremiah pdf    Titus & Philemon pdf
 Lamentations pdf    Hebrews pdf
 Ezekiel pdf    James pdf
 Daniel pdf    1 Peter pdf
 Hosea, Joel & Amos pdf    2 Peter & Jude pdf
 Obadiah, Jonah &
pdf    1 John pdf
 Nahum, Habakkuk
 & Zephaniah
pdf    2 & 3 John pdf
 Haggai, Zechariah
 & Malachi
pdf    Revelation pdf
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35 Ready to Study & Preach Sermons

The Good Samaritan
- Jesus' parables were from things that happened in real life and the Jerusalem-Jericho road was truly dangerous.

What Kind of Faith Do I Have?
- What kind of faith did those great heroes in "Faith's Hall of Fame" (Hebrews 12) have? The Hebrew writer says their kind of faith is what is pleasing to God. How does your faith compare?

Jesus: The Master Teacher
- Jesus was the Master Teacher. He taught with authority. He knew his subject, loved his students, and used various methods in a masterful way.

Jesus Teaches A Lesson on Personal Evangelism
- Jesus was the Master Teacher and in this lesson we use Jesus' methods to learn how to do personal evangelism.

Count It All Joy
- How can we face trials and temptations with "Joy" - what did James mean? An expository sermon on James 1:1-4.

Thomas the Apostle
- There is a lot we know about Thomas, and instead of always thinking of him as "Doubting Thomas" we ought to think of him as "Courageous Thomas."

Reconsidering the Resurrection
- After becoming vexed with the three newsmagazines articles over the "Easter" week (April 7, 1996), I thought we should reexamine the evidence for the resurrection.

Historical Evidence for Christ
- Looking at the evidence for Christianity found in early non-Christian writings (Jewish and Gentile).

Two Bears and a Youth Gang
- A sermon based on 2 Kings 2:23-25. Young people get their values and attitudes from their parents and their culture. They should have reverence for that which is sacred.

Remember the Poor
- An outline on the Christian's attitude toward the poor.

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