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God is at work among us, here at Rogersville. He has done great things among us. He is doing great things among us even now and there are a lot of things added to our new site for you to Get Connected or just see what's going on and what we're involved in.

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Each year several of our young people spend a week at Indian Creek Youth Camp in Oakman, Walker County, Alabama. ICYC began operations in 1971 and has seen thousands of young people enter its gates and grow in the faith with Jesus Christ. While the camp is plenty of fun it is the emphasis on the Bible that makes ICYC special. During our week of camp the schedule calls for 4 hours of Bible study or worship each day. In addition, some campers participate in the Bible Bowl in which they answered difficult questions from our theme Bible book.

Indian Creek Youth Camp operates 6 weeks of group camping every summer. It also hosts RENEW which is a weekend event in the Spring. Various churches of Christ use the facility for retreats during the remainder of the year. The camp is fully winterized and can be used in all kinds of weather. Air conditioning in the summer makes the Walker County, Alabama temperatures just a little more bearable.

This year several of our young people spent a week in Paris, Tenneessee helping East Wood church of Christ with the West Tenneessee Work Camp.

Affectionately dubbed "Pigglett Painters," (named after our Deacon in chrage of Youth Programs, Derek Pigg) the group...

One of the highlights including singing outside the church building

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