West Tennessee Workcamp volunteers will be painting homes in the Rogersville, Alabama area this summer (2018)

We will host the 2018 West Tennessee Workcamp, a cooperative service and benevolent effort of churches of Christ.

Since the group's founding in 1999, volunteers have painted hundreds of homes mainly in the West Tennessee area. In June, teenagers from several congregations across Alabama and
Tennessee will join together to work on homes inĀ·our area.

Paint and supplies are furnished. (Painting is on the exterior of the home only.)

On Sunday, June 3, a work crew will visit your home to assess its needs. Work will begin on Monday, June 4, and will be completed by Tuesday evening the 5th.

On Thursday evening, June 7, the assisted homeowners will be invited to a banquet in their honor to be held in our Annex.

For questions or more information about having your group join the effort, or if you are interested in having the group paint your home, please contact:
Alex Bayes, minister, (256) 648-9484
Scott Wright, associate minister, (256) 280-8355;
Derek Pigg, youth deacon, (256) 415-5180; or the 
church office at (256) 247-3422. 

You can also email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..