Men Praying in Class

Teachers, it is not a discredit to your contribution for us to bring in men to pray for the kids. We are not displeased with your prayers at the beginning of class with the kids, but we are delighted to get more influences in the room with the kids. So here is what we are asking of teachers: plan your classes to be wrapped up around the first bell, so that some men can come in the class, after the bell has rung, and encourage the kids to love and serve God, and pray for them. Please have your kids names on a sheet of paper so that we remove the opportunity to forget a child's name during the prayer led by the men. These men will be circulating from room to room, so it will be different men each week of the month, but will repeat itself monthly. There are 40 men that agreed to come to your rooms beginning in May.

Men, please see me for a copy of the schedule. I will be sending you a text to remind you of your time on Friday, and I will rotate you into different rooms each month. Your text message will include what week you have responsibility and where you are supposed to go. If you want to participate, let me know. Pray for these men!

This is one way that we are bringing our adult men into greater view in the classrooms. Kids that constantly see loving teachers, and strong men of faith, will be blessed. It takes everybody doing their part.