Today is not an "accomplishment" day. Today is not the beginning of "something we are going to do once a year." We are not looking for God to see that we are willing to go out "this time."

Today is a day where we realize transition. We will not go back to "once a year" ideas about evangelism, but today we will talk about what we are going to do in our community next week. We are disciples of Christ, who are willing to carry the message of sin and grace to socially "off-limit" places in our community. Today is a day where we all take some step closer toward what God wants us to do about sowing seeds, even if we do not believe, ourselves, that we can be exactly where God knows He could help us reach. Ask God to help you believe that He can help you believe!

Today we are not choosing a temporarily different path, but we are choosing to become something different. We are no longer elevating worship as the lone service that satisfies God, but we will seek, from hearts that do worship, to speak the God given gospel of our glorious Lord to those who will love the message, and those who will hate it! This transformation among this people will please our King. We are His servants.