As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay
there in Ephesus so that you may command certain
men not to teach false doctrine any longer, nor to
devote themselves to myths and endless
genealogies. These promote controversies rather
than God's work---which is by faith (I Tim 1.3-4).
Our main purpose is to do the work of God (Eph
2.10). Paul makes that same point here. One of the
things that hinders the work of God is the spirit
of falsehood. Teaching things they ought not, men
make a practice of deception. They lead people
astray. They teach things of demons, and not of
Such men are condemned by God. They are to be
resisted. Paul explains that these teachings only
produce fighting and contention. They make people
uncomfortable. The untrue things they teach will
lead people away from the word of God and the
heart of Jesus.
The work of God must be done. God is counting on
us to do his work. If we drag ourselves down, or
allow ourselves to be swayed from God, then his
work goes undone. Stay in the truth, and you will
be able to do the work of God.
- Alex