Vine groups will begin in January of 2018. We are
excited to have men stepping into leadership within
these Vines. Please pray for them, as they are
preparing themselves for this task, and seeking the
Lord’s help in what they do. Support these men in
what they are trying to do, as they have been
brought into this by the shepherd’s intentions to
bring this church body together.
We will be adding the intention of using Vines to
reach our young people. In order for us to do that,
we are going to need you to be on board with this
specific purpose. We see the need to strengthen the
interaction between our mature believers and get
more of them involved in the lives of our young
people. Our answer to this challenge is a deliberate
moved away from a “youth minister,” and creating a
new path where its’ life is in the lives of ALL of us.
We are calling on you to help. Our Vines will
continue working like we have been doing, but the
additional fruit is for Vines to produce intentional
influence on the faith of our young people by being
with them, and teaching them of the way of godly
- Alex