I have the honor of telling you about something that is about to happen, and I am excited to share this with you!

Across our country, we are seeing violence in our communities, especially between black and white people. It is a shame what has happened, and every vile thing that does not meet the approval of God has been sin. We must take a lead in our behavior and our attitudes. John Malone, preacher at Southside, called and a combined effort of the Lord's church is being organized in our community. It will be on Saturday, September 10th beginning at 9am. Our purpose will be to urge our community to have a spirit of unity. We will do this by talking about Christ as the solution to our problems and not turning to hatred, violence and divisions based on race. We will have different people of our community, as well as different preachers, to make this public plea to our people.

There will be more details to come as we plan and try to organize the morning, but we are asking that you reserve that Saturday morning as we will depend on you for support, singing and as a representation of what love looks like to our community by being side by side with your brethren from many of the churches of Christ in our area. Please be praying for this event!