I spoke with Rod Rutherford, minister for the Gatlinburg church, today and I was asking about whether or not the church there, and the community, could benefit in some small way, from our clothes drive (planned for Africa) to be brought to them. He spoke about the churches of Christ disaster relief effort out of Nashville and said that they had brought in 3 semi trucks full of goods and supplies to distribute, to as many as had needs. Rod was praising the work effort and how it had brought a great deal of comfort to that community through the love of good people who want to serve Christ.

So, this means that we will stay with the intention of sending our clothes to Africa to help families there. Please be getting your stuff together and brought to the annex so we can be putting them together soon. Be thinking about banana boxes if you have opportunity.

God wants us to share things that we have (Heb 13.3; Rm 12.13). It is wonderful to be able to share God's love with others. God is not concerned with the amount.....it is the heart that He wants to be generous to others and trusting of Him.

God is blessing us!