As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man” (Proverbs 27.19).

Have you ever looked down into the water and seen your face? Children are fascinated by this effect. They can clearly see their face, and anyone else’s who is looking into the water. They eagerly make a game of looking at each other in the water to see what the other person looks like. And it is wonderful, as a parent or grandparent to be able to see them experience this for the first time.

Have you ever looked into your heart? Into your motivation for saying what you say? Into the reason you want a certain thing? Into why you feel a certain way toward another?

Sometimes our heart is such that we would certainly not want to make a “game” out of looking into it. Nor would we want another to be able to look into our heart and see what we are thinking and feeling. But that is the point of this teaching.

The wise man tells us that in the same way that water reflects our face, so our heart reflects who we are, and how people see us. That may be good news, and it may be terribly frightening.

What does the inside of your heart look like?