We welcome you here to the Rogersville family! We are so thankful you're here. Today is a great day to honor our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We will worship him in song and prayers, in the hearing of his word and in remembering Jesus in the supper. Our worship is something that God seeks (Jn 4.24). So let's all give our hearts to the God of heaven and his glorious Son.

If you look around and see someone new to you, then be sure and welcome them here. It is so great that we have a "family" atmosphere among us here, we will do our best to remember to extend that spirit of love to those who may come and visit with us. Jesus wants us to worship, and that is truly important, but the heart of one who comes to worship at Jesus' feet should be willing to love those who come in for a visit. It is our honor to welcome all of them, and spend a few minutes with them in order that they know we are willing to invest ourselves in them. They will see that we would be willing to bear their spiritual load if we welcome them and give them our time when they walk through the door. This family does this so well, and I am proud that I never feel like this has to be "teaching" point, but merely a point to pass along for your continued remembrance.

I love all of you. You have become like family to my family and I want everyone to experience that!