The Wednesday night series has been delicious, if you have been, by chance, missing it. We have been greatly blessed by those coming in to teach us, and we have really just started so it is not too late to join us on Wednesday nights.

This week we have Chris Moran coming to be with us, and I am excited about him being with us. Chris has such sincerity about him when he speaks. He is a big dude with a big heart, and I love that about him. He is going to be talking to us about Faith makes me live in love. It will be a great night.

Today, while I am writing, it is raining. This rain supplies the earth. God is really good at making sure the earth gets wheat it needs. If you'll let him, he will do a dynamite job governing your life too. Submission to God is to live in love for him.

Today you have the opportunity to live out your love to God in worship. Worship is from the heart. It is done in truth. It is aimed at God and Jesus. Let’s give our everything to God today.

Remember to greet all who might be visitors among us. We should always be a friendly group of disciples of Jesus. Love each other.