God is working in some ways...it scares me because I want to call the shots, and I want to take the lead, and I want to manage things. God has called me to stop being a control freak, and let him govern. I have been known to try to suggest to God, in my prayers, what he should do. I know that I am given liberty to approach God about things that I desire, but things that I desire should not be the native tongue to my prayer words. There is so much more than that. I want God to find me praising him and submitting as my prayer priority.

I am trying to learn that in all my ways I will find myself beautifully satisfied with my life, and circumstances, if I will dwell in a living, loving trust to my God and my Lord. This applies to everything in my life. I want to see God more and more clearly, at work in my life because I am clearing the way of all the ordinary self-designed construction going on in my heart, and I want to become an honest, empty canvas for God to lead, paint, mold.

I am never going to hear what God has to say to me unless I am first willing to listen to what he calls me to do. Best as I can figure, he sees me listening the most when I obey him. I am striving to follow Jesus. I want more and more of God's Spirit to rule and govern, so I have to let go of the "commanding" ability I possess, and come to him, poor in spirit.