I hope that you were here for Odis Duncan's lesson on Wednesday night! What an incredible challenge he brought to us. If you were not here, I would encourage you to find that lesson on our website. Jim Romine has been working tirelessly on this website and has facilitated the opportunity for you to hear just about any lesson you might have missed. Please give Jim an encouraging word, as he is still working on this....but back to the lesson from Odis, as I was saying, he gave us a tremendous challenge to empty our cups and lay our everything at his feet, knowing that he can fill us, do through us, help us, strengthen us, and make us useful tools. This lesson was timely because there will be many who will not see a spot for themselves in our Send Me Home this June 18-23rd. There will be people who will think that if they throw in their two mites, it would not even make a difference, and as a result, they may not try at all. Don't be that person. In the face of what God is able to do. He is the One who is able to take the widow's mites and see it as more than anybody else. God can do that.

Go and listen to the lesson. It will bless you. But more importantly, God will bless us if we approach this work by faith, and not by our abilities.