We are counting on a huge commitment coming from our Teams! During the Send Me Home week (June 18-23), the mission teams will be going out each day. They are going to need 3 meals each day. We are asking that each Team be prepared to assume responsibilities for one day of the week, with the two smallest (amt of persons) Teams being joined together for their day. This will share the load, not placing too much on any one Team.

Food for that day can, and should be, easy. Teams will NOT be expected to purchase the food. Teams will be reimbursed in agreement with the budget set for this effort. We are only asking if the Teams can organize the food for those days so that our mission team members do not have to think about taking time to fix their own meals.

Team leaders, would you please be encouraging this up among your Teams? We will be sending out a schedule for that week, next month, to all of you, so that each Team will know what day they are doing.

The Send Me Home is for everybody. There's work to do for all of us and God is going to bless us in a great way. Let's empty our cups so that God can fill us!