We have the greatest opportunity to serve our Lord in the daily routine of our lives. What we do here is just a small portion of what God is expecting from us. There are several ways that we have allowed this day to become "the most important day." It is a day that should be lived to the glory and honor of God, in the fullest degree, just like we should treat tomorrow and Tuesday. God is not worshipped only on Sunday (Rm 12.1ff; Heb 13.5).

We aim to please him in whatever we are doing (2 Cor 5.9). We will not be of those who only seek to please the Lord when we want something, or on only on certain days, or according to our will, but our aim and intention is to please him all the time.

We are the children that are willing to go where he tells us, and do what he commands. We will obey from the love we have in our hearts, singing from the gratitude that we feel in our minds, praying with patience, walking in the light, and keeping our eyes centered on Jesus who died for us! We are his people! We are his sheep! We will be the people zealous for good deeds and hungry for being righteous. We will be the sheep that know the voice of our Master because we have been listening for his direction in our lives. We are the people who will be different to the world. Amen!